How to Play 5 Piano Scales Using 1 Finger Pattern

Did you know that you can easily play 5 different piano scales on the piano by using one simple finger pattern?

Well you can! And this tutorial shows you how, but for those of you that like to see directions written in clear instructions…here they are!

The first thing to remember is to use just your right hand for these scales right now.

The finger pattern is 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…with your thumb as number one.

  • Play the C major scale. CDEFGABC and C is the place to place your thumb. So C is 1 and you will also use your thumb on G in this scale.
  • Play the G major scale. GABCDEF#G. This scale is where you start adding black keys. We add one here and it is the F#. Using the same finger pattern, your scale will begin on G and your thumb will also go on C in this scale.
  • Play the D Major scale. DEF#GABC#D.  This time we add a black key…C#. Once F# showed up in the G scale. It will be used in all scales going forward, and since we added the C# in this scale…it stays. too.
  • Now, we move to the A Major scale. It will have 3 black keys. We are adding the G# in the mix. So the scale starts on A and will go like this. ABC#DEF#G#A.  Now guess what? We are adding another black key and moving the new point to …
  • E Major Scale EF#G#ABC#D#E.  It has 4 sharps (black keys)

BONUS>>>>Start on B and you will use all of the black keys. BC#D#EF#G#A#B…

Happy piano playing!

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