3 Ways to Learn Piano Songs Faster

3 Ways to Learn Piano Songs Faster

I see it in my student’s eyes a lot.

They hear me play a song that they are working on, but they can’t play it that fast or it’s harder for them.  I have to remind them that they are specific techniques to learn piano songs faster. Here are 3 ways to learn piano songs faster.

1) Listen to the song you are learning.

When I pick a song to learn, the first thing I do is listen to it on repeat. In order to play your piano song faster you need to know the tune and know the patterns in it. Listening helps give you a guide to your song.

2) Practice in Chunks.

Practicing in chunks will help you to learn to play piano songs faster. Start with the first measure. If you can’t play the first measure correctly, there isn’t any use in trying to move on to the others.  Perfect measure 1, and then play measure 2. The combine 1 and 2 and so forth. You will play your piano song with less mistakes and get it perfected much faster this way.

3) Practice Slowly

Only play the piano song as fast as you can play the most difficult part correctly. This means you must practice all parts of the song at an even and slow pace. Speed and getting the song faster only comes after you have practiced it slowly and can play it perfectly at the slow tempo.


Learning to play piano songs faster takes patience, and you won’t get there overnight, but you can use these 3 tips to help you move ahead quickly. Remember to listen to the song a lot, practice it in small chunks, and take it very slowly at first.




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