Can You Learn to Play Piano as An Adult

Can you learn to play piano as an adult?

If I had a dollar for every time an adult came up to me and told me “I took piano lessons as a child, and wish I hadn’t quit”, then I would not have to teach piano at all.

But, can you really learn to play the piano as adult? What are the challenges to doing so?

You Have to Practice

This is a well known factor in learning play or do anything. If you don’t practice your new skill, then you won’t reap the rewards.

But how long should you practice, and how often? How long it takes you to learn something is directly proportionate to the time you spend working on it. But, as an adult when you combine working, and all of the responsibilities that come along with life, it can be hard, so I like to use this rule

The Rule of 10

As a mom of 6, business woman and teacher, it can also be hard for me to get in my practice time. So, I went and bought a small kitchen timer.

The Rule of 10 works like this. When you need to practice, set your timer immediately for 10 minutes and sit down to play.

When the timer goes off, re-evaluate if you want to keep going or if you need to move on to something else.

Often times, it’s the getting started that hinders what you want to achieve. So set your timer for 10 minutes and then re-evaluate.

It’s that simple, and can go a long way in learning to play the piano as an adult.

How long will it take to learn to play?

That depends on you and the teaching methods of your teacher. What I have learned is that adults need an easy, method to learn to play for their own enjoyment.  Therefore, teaching you from the beginning a strict classical way to play probably will not work for you.

What you need is an easy, quick way to understand the piano and be able to play it through songs that you love. Not everyone wants to learn to play “Fur Elise” by Beethoven, but lots want to learn to play what songs they grew up listening to.

You should find a teacher that has both classical training, and modern day training so that you can practically learn how to play for your own enjoyment.

If you’re looking for that kind of piano teacher, email me here and let’s chat! ParkHillPianoStudio1@Gmail.Com


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