Vinyl Records are Coming Back

Vinyl Records are Coming Back!

This may not be news to some of you, but for others you might be surprised that vinyl records are coming back in style!

Recently, my husband’s uncle brought me a record player that he picked up in Atlanta. We got it hooked up last night, and it sounds wonderful! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait until I was able to put on my Andrews Sister’s, Eubie Blake and Glenn Miller records that a student had given me last year.

Today’s teens are asking for record players

Tuesday evening a student of mine wanted to see a record in action, and said she had never seen a record player before! So, we turned it on and she thought it was so cool.  Her sister said that a lot of her friends were getting record players for Christmas last year.

So that is good news for all of us parents that still have vinyl stored away in the closet. I know I have an entire closet dedicated to my record collection!

I’ve got everything from Big Band to Beethoven stored away. Do you have any records lying around?


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