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Can You Learn to Play Piano as An Adult

Can you learn to play piano as an adult?

If I had a dollar for every time an adult came up to me and told me “I took piano lessons as a child, and wish I hadn’t quit”, then I would not have to teach piano at all.

But, can you really learn to play the piano as adult? What are the challenges to doing so?

You Have to Practice

This is a well known factor in learning play or do anything. If you don’t practice your new skill, then you won’t reap the rewards.

But how long should you practice, and how often? How long it takes you to learn something is directly proportionate to the time you spend working on it. But, as an adult when you combine working, and all of the responsibilities that come along with life, it can be hard, so I like to use this rule

The Rule of 10

As a mom of 6, business woman and teacher, it can also be hard for me to get in my practice time. So, I went and bought a small kitchen timer.

The Rule of 10 works like this. When you need to practice, set your timer immediately for 10 minutes and sit down to play.

When the timer goes off, re-evaluate if you want to keep going or if you need to move on to something else.

Often times, it’s the getting started that hinders what you want to achieve. So set your timer for 10 minutes and then re-evaluate.

It’s that simple, and can go a long way in learning to play the piano as an adult.

How long will it take to learn to play?

That depends on you and the teaching methods of your teacher. What I have learned is that adults need an easy, method to learn to play for their own enjoyment.  Therefore, teaching you from the beginning a strict classical way to play probably will not work for you.

What you need is an easy, quick way to understand the piano and be able to play it through songs that you love. Not everyone wants to learn to play “Fur Elise” by Beethoven, but lots want to learn to play what songs they grew up listening to.

You should find a teacher that has both classical training, and modern day training so that you can practically learn how to play for your own enjoyment.

If you’re looking for that kind of piano teacher, email me here and let’s chat! ParkHillPianoStudio1@Gmail.Com


How to Make An Origami Piano

How to make an origami piano

How to Make An Origami Piano


Learn how to make this origami piano in this step by step tutorial you can learn how to make an origami piano!

Step 1. Get a sheet of square origami paper for your piano.

We chose to use blue origami paper for our piano. You can buy origami paper online or at your local hobby/craft store.

Step 2. Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

Take your origami paper and fold it in half lengthwise.

Step 3. Make 2 Houses

By taking the top layer of the folded paper, fold the corner back where it looks like a house with roof. Make one of these on each side.

Step 4. Fold up the middle of the two houses.

In the center of your two houses will be a place you can fold that paper upwards to the top.

Step 5. Fold in each side

After you complete step 4, fold both the left and right edges to the inside.

Step 6. Fold the outside edges back out.

Fold your edges out back slightly.

Step 7. Press the folded side in and tape them.

That’s it! You did it. Now to finish the piano by adding keys.

Finishing Up.

How to make an origami piano

Finish your piano by drawing piano keys on it with a black marker. You can also choose to use different colored paper than was chosen here! Have fun making your piano!


3 Ways to Learn Piano Songs Faster

3 Ways to Learn Piano Songs Faster

I see it in my student’s eyes a lot.

They hear me play a song that they are working on, but they can’t play it that fast or it’s harder for them.  I have to remind them that they are specific techniques to learn piano songs faster. Here are 3 ways to learn piano songs faster.

1) Listen to the song you are learning.

When I pick a song to learn, the first thing I do is listen to it on repeat. In order to play your piano song faster you need to know the tune and know the patterns in it. Listening helps give you a guide to your song.

2) Practice in Chunks.

Practicing in chunks will help you to learn to play piano songs faster. Start with the first measure. If you can’t play the first measure correctly, there isn’t any use in trying to move on to the others.  Perfect measure 1, and then play measure 2. The combine 1 and 2 and so forth. You will play your piano song with less mistakes and get it perfected much faster this way.

3) Practice Slowly

Only play the piano song as fast as you can play the most difficult part correctly. This means you must practice all parts of the song at an even and slow pace. Speed and getting the song faster only comes after you have practiced it slowly and can play it perfectly at the slow tempo.


Learning to play piano songs faster takes patience, and you won’t get there overnight, but you can use these 3 tips to help you move ahead quickly. Remember to listen to the song a lot, practice it in small chunks, and take it very slowly at first.




Vinyl Records are Coming Back

Vinyl Records are Coming Back!

This may not be news to some of you, but for others you might be surprised that vinyl records are coming back in style!

Recently, my husband’s uncle brought me a record player that he picked up in Atlanta. We got it hooked up last night, and it sounds wonderful! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait until I was able to put on my Andrews Sister’s, Eubie Blake and Glenn Miller records that a student had given me last year.

Today’s teens are asking for record players

Tuesday evening a student of mine wanted to see a record in action, and said she had never seen a record player before! So, we turned it on and she thought it was so cool.  Her sister said that a lot of her friends were getting record players for Christmas last year.

So that is good news for all of us parents that still have vinyl stored away in the closet. I know I have an entire closet dedicated to my record collection!

I’ve got everything from Big Band to Beethoven stored away. Do you have any records lying around?


Online Skype Piano Lessons for All Ages

Online Skype Piano Lessons for All Ages

online skype piano lessonsHave you heard about the latest greatest way to take piano lessons online? It’s through Skype! Read on further to learn if online Skype piano lessons are for you!

What are Skype Piano Lessons?

Skype is an online platform in which you can make a video call from one person to another. Taking piano lessons this way enables you to learn from the comfort of your own home.

What do I need to take a Skype Piano Lesson?

In order to benefit from taking online Skype piano lessons, you will need:

  1. A computer with a webcam
  2. A keyboard or piano
  3. A microphone or microphone on your computer
  4. 30 Minutes set aside for your lesson time

How do they work?

During your online Skype piano lesson, you will be able to see my piano and talk with me. If you are a beginner, we will start from the beginning, and you will be given an assignment to practice for your next piano lesson online.

Is it harder learn online than in studio?

No. Lesson plans are essentially the same. You just get to stay home and have your lesson in your pjs if you want!

Who are they for?

Online piano lessons would work best for a homeschool student, a person who is homebound, or for more flexiblity in scheduling.

What else comes with an online piano lesson?

You will get the recording of your lesson sent to your email so that you can look back on it each week and be better prepared for your next lesson. You can also email me with any questions!

How do I start?

To start your online piano lesson, you need to pay for the lesson ahead of time. No time is scheduled without pre-payment. From there, we will schedule your lesson. Lesson times are open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 7pm Central Standard Time.

How much are they?

Online Skype piano lessons are $30 USD per 30 minute lesson.  Time greater than 30 minutes is added at $1 per minute. So, if you want a 45 minute lesson, it would be $45 USD.


Online Skype Piano lessons are a great way to learn to play that provides flexiblity in your schedule, and to be able to learn from the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in learning more, email me at or comment on this post today!




How to Pick a Beginner Piano or Keyboard

How to Pick a Beginner Piano or Keyboard

So you are interested in starting piano lessons or piano lessons have already been started, and you need help getting a keyboard.

Congrats on starting you or your child’s music education! Having a piano or keyboard at home is important in getting the best out of your lessons.

What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard?

There isn’t really much difference between an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard.

With an acoustic two types of styles. You will have an upright that stands up against the wall, or a grand that is a full size piano. They will also have 88 keys on the piano.

With a keyboard, you can pick several different options. You can choose 60, 76, or 88 keys. You have the ability to use headphones, and most of them come with different sounds like strings or harpsichord.

Which is least expensive?

An acoustic piano will range anywhere from $500 and up.  A keyboard can start out as little as $100.

Which one is better?

The answer depends on your needs and budget. I grew up with a grand piano in the home, and it’s the same one that my students play on in the studio.

But, I understand that not every family has the space or the budget to buy a grand piano. If you have the space and the budget to buy an acoustic piano, I will always vote acoustic.

However, keyboards take up less space, and as a mom myself, having my child plug in headphones while practicing would be nice! They also are portable. You won’t be toting around an acoustic piano.

Where do I find a piano?

If you are local in the Little Rock area, I highly recommend going to visit Steve at International Piano Gallery. He will set you up with an acoustic piano, deliver it for you, and tune it so you’re all set to play!

Where do I find a keyboard?

You can shop in town at Guitar Center or Saied Music Company. Or you can go online. You want to make sure that the purchase also includes a bench, and the adapter kit for the keyboard you choose.


When buying a piano or a keyboard, first establish a budget and space that you have for the instrument. A beginner can get started on a budget friendly keyboard and you can always upgrade later.

If you’re interested in free online piano lessons for kids to get started check out Learn To Play Piano Kids Here


Free Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids!

It is finally here! Park Hill Piano Studio is adding it’s online piano lesson program for kids at the online site called Learn To Play Piano Kids

In this new program is free piano lessons to that will take the student age 4 through 12 through an entire years worth of lessons for free.

You might as why I did this. Here’s why:

  • Kids change their minds. How many other parents out there have soccer shoes or a trumpet stuffed in the back of their closet because their child just desperately wanted to play that sport or that instrument?
  • It helps your budget. The investment that the student, parent and teacher make into private lessons is time consuming and costs close to $1500 per year. Find out if they are really interested in private lessons by trying the free lessons first.
  • It saves time. If you have more than one child, sometimes you might feel like a glorified taxi driver. You are constantly driving one to this practice and the other to this event.  Learning to play online from your own home allows the student to log in and learn when they want.

Make sure you subscribe to the online lesson program at here

Happy Holidays From Park Hill Piano Studio

Happy Holidays from Park Hill Piano Studio!

This past year was quite an eventful one. We changed locations, and downsized the studio back to it’s origins. Doing so put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Originally, when I opened the studio in 2012, I outgrew my tiny location. So I thought that moving to a commercial location was the best bet, And I had it there for over 2 years.

There were lots of ups and downs, but most of all I felt that the studio had turned into more of a profit focus and not a customer focus. And I didn’t like that at all.

Here at Park Hill Piano Studio, it is important to me that each student gets the time they deserve, that prices don’t hurt parent’s pocketbooks, and that the student’s in Little Rock are getting the best private piano and voice lesson education they can get.

The studio got too big for me, and I decided to step back to my origins.

The kids are enjoying fresh cookies this month, and I’ve got lots of things lined up for the New Year as far as games and achievement programs.

It’s going to be exciting! If you’re interested in lessons, please take moment to fill out the info kit form on the front page at

Looking forward to a great New Year in 2017!