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Why Some Practice is Better than No Practice!

I know you’ve seen them! You’ve seen the video of the 5 year old Mozart on social media, and you secretly want your child to go viral, too!

Not only do I run a business, but I am also a busy mom, so I understand that secret desire to have your child be a top performer.

But, let me shed a little light on that viral star’s home life. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’d venture to say that the 5 year old Mozart was sitting at that piano as soon as he could sit up. He has put in hours and hours of practice, and I’m talking to the tune of at least 3 hours per day.

So, how do you get your child to succeed at learning an instrument? Well, there isn’t any way around it other than to practice their new skill and be consistent at it. The only difference between me, the professional pianist, and the new student is that I made playing the piano a DAILY habit.

One of the most immediate questions I get from new students and parent’s is, “How much should I practice?”

I say, “practice only on the days that you eat.”

Do you see what I am getting at here? You have to practice every single day to get better.

Before you decide to jump on your child for not practicing today, let me help you get into their little minds.

You have student’s that every once in a while will practice and play so much that a parent has to beg them to stop, but that is a small minority. Most of these children need encouragement, because learning to play an instrument is a solitary task, and children still need social interaction.

You will see your child succeed if you ask them to sit down and play their song for you. Make a big deal out of it if they are the outgoing type!

Ask them questions about the new stuff they are learning.

Give them a tip jar and throw in some change when you see them practicing.

If you search the internet about how long to practice each day, you will get varied opinions.

I like to use the 10 by 3 rule. Start off with 10 minutes 3 times per day. If you have trouble with that, start off with 5 minutes, and work up. The point is to consistently build it into a daily habit.

“Consistency breeds talent”


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Adult Piano Lessons in Little Rock

Are you looking for an adult piano lesson teacher in the Little Rock area?

Park Hill Piano Studio in North Little Rock offers adult piano lessons that you can take on your own time schedule.

Adult students need a time schedule that works for them and their busy schedules, that is why Lena, the director of the studio, developed The Piano University for adult piano lessons.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You enroll in the online Piano University, and you take lessons via video at your own leisure.
  2. Each week, Lena gets online and answers any of your questions that you may have via an online lesson.

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Is My Child Ready For Music Lessons?

Is your young child ready to start music lessons?

I get this question at least a few times a week, and the answer is that it depends on if your child is able to do certain things before beginning private music lessons.

Now, if your child has reached the age of 6, then most likely they are ready to sit for a private lesson, but what about the children between the ages of 3 and 6?

My youngest student that I’ve had for 2 years just turned 5, and he has been in a private lesson since he was 4. I’m not saying that every 4 year old is able to begin private lessons.

…but there are some that are ready.

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Early Bird Summer Registration

Park Hill Piano Studio 2016 Summer Term

 Information and Registration


The Summer Term will begin June 6th and end September 3rd for a total of 11 weeks of lessons.

There will be no lessons given during the week July 3rd – July 9th.


Here are the steps to register for the Summer Term

  • Pick your lesson package
  • Submit your payment for the discounted rates by April 2nd


  1. How does the summer term work?
  2. Depending on the package that you pick, you will receive lesson coupons to redeem each lesson.
  3. What happens if we are on vacation during the summer, and can’t make a scheduled lesson?
  4. We know that families travel during the summer, so this is where coupons come into play. You have the option of using your coupons as you see fit. For instance, if you are on vacation one week, you may schedule 2 lessons the next or previous week. You will need to check with your individual instructor for available summer time slots.
  5. What if we don’t use all of our coupons?

Summer Term Lesson Coupons are only redeemable through Sept 3rd.

There will be no refund given for coupons not redeemed


Step 1: Pick Your Summer Lesson Package


Starter Package –Four 45 Min. Lesson Coupons and a FREE PHPS Tote



Premium Package-Ten 45 Min. Lesson Coupons, Get the 11th Free. A Free PHPSTote Bag, and FREE admission to all summer workshops.

Best Value!



Basic Package-Six 45 Min. Lesson Coupons, a FREE PHPS Tote, and 1 FREE admission to any summer workshop.


Step 2: Fill out the registration form and submit payment.

Student Name:___________________________________


Parent(s) Name:__________________________________

Phone No._______________________________________


Circle method of payment:  Cash       Check         Credit Card

Please give your registration form and payment to your teacher now.

The 12 Days of Christmas…

The 12 days of Christmas Game? Yep, you heard it right. Today, we launched a game in which we asked our social media followers to help us create a new version of this song! So far, we got

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…One extra hour of sleep! I thought that was a good start.

…When I started to research the 12 days of Christmas, I found out these cool things:

  1. The 12 Days of Christmas is said to have originated in England in the 16th Century
  2. However, the music credit is given to the French.
  3. The first publication of the song was in 1780!
  4. It has been confused with a song called the “New Dial” which explained the 12 days in religious terms.
  5. It may have been a memory game song at one point where a leader recited a verse, and the other had to add one. If they forgot it, they lost!
  6. The 12 days of Christmas is also known as the “Twelvetide”
  7. It was sang in a time of Christian Persecution where the lyrics represented Christian facts, but in code.
  8. The song’s True Love was originally referring the God.
  9. There is a meaning behind each of the gifts that relate to Christianity.
  10. It was quite often sang by British children,  as the memory game song, and if the kid lost, they had to give candy to another person.
  11. The 12 days of Christmas aren’t actually the 12 days before. It is the 12 days after Christmas that run into the Epiphany of Christ on Jan 6th.
  12. It has been connected to when Catholicism was outlawed in England.

Did you know these already? Do you have a better, more fun verse that you have come up with?

If so, leave a comment!

He Doesn’t Know it Yet…

(rewind….4 months ago)

A few months ago, a friend of mine got a phone call while we were together. A dear friend of his, a military veteran, was struggling that evening, and needed to be around people. Although I’ve heard about PTSD through the news, I have never known anyone close to me that suffered, but…

I could tell that we immediately needed to drop what we were doing, and go pick Chris up.

We all went to dinner, and I listened to Chris talk for hours about what was bothering him, and I could feel the despair coming from every single word. When we left, I cried. The way I looked at PTSD, and our veterans who struggle with this changed forever.

(fast forward to last Friday…)

I was at the studio writing music, and in walks a young man off of the street. He had a slip of paper in his hand, and asked for me directly.

I introduced myself, and he said his name was Greg.

Greg was sent to me as a referral from his counselor at the VA Hospital. He told me he thought that lessons would be a good outlet, and that he was told that Park Hill Piano Studio was the best place in the area for music lessons.

We scheduled a lesson for today, and he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m not going to charge him anything for his lessons.

You see, I fell in love with music because it was therapy for me. I could sit and play the piano for hours, and disappear into a world of sound.  And still to this day, I am bothered on the days I can’t sit down and let my stresses be carried away at the piano.

Music is therapy, and I want to enable more people to take advantage of that

So for our veterans, the least I can do is offer some of them free tuition for their service, and a military family discount.

Starting today, 11/13

I am offering 4 more military veterans completely tuition free 30 minute lessons.  You can contact me here for more info.

Also, all military families will receive a 20% discount on lessons.

P.S. Share this post with your military friends that might benefit from this update to the school.

(names were changed in this story)

The Real Reason For Practicing

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I am going to talk to you about the real reason

you want your child or yourself to practice.

See, most people think that practicing is just so you can become a better piano player, guitar player, or singer.

Yes, I agree that practicing will make all of these things better, but did you know that just the simple act of your practice sessions will spill over into other areas of your life?

….with each practice session, you are developing your self-regulatory strength.

What does this mean?

It means that you are making your willpower “muscle” stronger.  It means that you are developing self discipline that will carry over into other things that you want to accomplish.

…So it isn’t just about becoming a better musician. It’s about becoming the best you!

If you are looking for the best singing lessons, a piano teacher in Little Rock, or just music lessons in general.

Contact me today! And let’s get started becoming a better you, or training your child to become the best they can be!

Monday Music Minute | Pianist Kenn Young

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I’ll introduce you to pianist/singer Kenn Young.

Kenn, from Van Buren Arkansas,  has been playing music professionally for 17 years.  He began playing the piano at age 16 by picking out songs by ear. But before he was playing piano, he had already won several awards for playing the Baritone and French Horns.

Kenn Young

During college, working on a vocal major in music, Kenn fell in love with playing piano and singing in performance venues. And I must say, he’s dang good at it!

In 2010, Kenn joined the dueling piano bar circuit and began traveling and performing all throughout the US. I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with him a few times myself, and I had a blast playing across from him!

Kenn Young

Kenn isn’t one of those performers that is flashy, loud, or over the top.  His laid back approach to entertaining makes you feel comfortable approaching him and requesting a tune, and he knows a ton of songs; so you probably can’t stump this guy!  But make no mistake, even though he isn’t over the top and audacious, he will still have you laughing, singing and shakin’ your groove thing! Guaranteed.

Piano Kenn

He has mean piano chops, and a great voice that isn’t overbearing…it’s just right for any type of song.

When he is in town, in Little Rock, You can catch him playing piano at WIlly D’s Dueling Piano Bar in the River Market. But someday soon, he hopes you can catch him playing in a piano bar that he owns himself! Be sure to see his show when you can!

You can check out his site and his performance calendar by clicking here NOW!



How to Play 5 Piano Scales Using 1 Finger Pattern

Did you know that you can easily play 5 different piano scales on the piano by using one simple finger pattern?

Well you can! And this tutorial shows you how, but for those of you that like to see directions written in clear instructions…here they are!

The first thing to remember is to use just your right hand for these scales right now.

The finger pattern is 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…with your thumb as number one.

  • Play the C major scale. CDEFGABC and C is the place to place your thumb. So C is 1 and you will also use your thumb on G in this scale.
  • Play the G major scale. GABCDEF#G. This scale is where you start adding black keys. We add one here and it is the F#. Using the same finger pattern, your scale will begin on G and your thumb will also go on C in this scale.
  • Play the D Major scale. DEF#GABC#D.  This time we add a black key…C#. Once F# showed up in the G scale. It will be used in all scales going forward, and since we added the C# in this scale…it stays. too.
  • Now, we move to the A Major scale. It will have 3 black keys. We are adding the G# in the mix. So the scale starts on A and will go like this. ABC#DEF#G#A.  Now guess what? We are adding another black key and moving the new point to …
  • E Major Scale EF#G#ABC#D#E.  It has 4 sharps (black keys)

BONUS>>>>Start on B and you will use all of the black keys. BC#D#EF#G#A#B…

Happy piano playing!

PS>>If you are looking for piano lessons in Little Rock, please contact the studio today at 501-747-1870 or visit us on facebook