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Is My Child Ready For Music Lessons?

Is your young child ready to start music lessons?

I get this question at least a few times a week, and the answer is that it depends on if your child is able to do certain things before beginning private music lessons.

Now, if your child has reached the age of 6, then most likely they are ready to sit for a private lesson, but what about the children between the ages of 3 and 6?

My youngest student that I’ve had for 2 years just turned 5, and he has been in a private lesson since he was 4. I’m not saying that every 4 year old is able to begin private lessons.

…but there are some that are ready.

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The Real Reason For Practicing

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I am going to talk to you about the real reason

you want your child or yourself to practice.

See, most people think that practicing is just so you can become a better piano player, guitar player, or singer.

Yes, I agree that practicing will make all of these things better, but did you know that just the simple act of your practice sessions will spill over into other areas of your life?

….with each practice session, you are developing your self-regulatory strength.

What does this mean?

It means that you are making your willpower “muscle” stronger.  It means that you are developing self discipline that will carry over into other things that you want to accomplish.

…So it isn’t just about becoming a better musician. It’s about becoming the best you!

If you are looking for the best singing lessons, a piano teacher in Little Rock, or just music lessons in general.

Contact me today! And let’s get started becoming a better you, or training your child to become the best they can be!

Monday Music Minute | Pianist Kenn Young

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I’ll introduce you to pianist/singer Kenn Young.

Kenn, from Van Buren Arkansas,  has been playing music professionally for 17 years.  He began playing the piano at age 16 by picking out songs by ear. But before he was playing piano, he had already won several awards for playing the Baritone and French Horns.

Kenn Young

During college, working on a vocal major in music, Kenn fell in love with playing piano and singing in performance venues. And I must say, he’s dang good at it!

In 2010, Kenn joined the dueling piano bar circuit and began traveling and performing all throughout the US. I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with him a few times myself, and I had a blast playing across from him!

Kenn Young

Kenn isn’t one of those performers that is flashy, loud, or over the top.  His laid back approach to entertaining makes you feel comfortable approaching him and requesting a tune, and he knows a ton of songs; so you probably can’t stump this guy!  But make no mistake, even though he isn’t over the top and audacious, he will still have you laughing, singing and shakin’ your groove thing! Guaranteed.

Piano Kenn

He has mean piano chops, and a great voice that isn’t overbearing…it’s just right for any type of song.

When he is in town, in Little Rock, You can catch him playing piano at WIlly D’s Dueling Piano Bar in the River Market. But someday soon, he hopes you can catch him playing in a piano bar that he owns himself! Be sure to see his show when you can!

You can check out his site and his performance calendar by clicking here NOW!