North Little Rock Piano Teacher

Meet the Piano Teacher

My name is Lena Adams, and I am the piano teacher and owner of Park Hill Piano Studio. I opened it in 2012 after my family moved to North Little Rock.

I began playing the piano at age 6, and grew up in a musical household. My mom was a Classical pianist, and my father was a guitarist, so there was always music in the house.

After graduating high school, I attended UALR with a Music Department Scholarship and studied Classical Piano Performance. I was also the President of the Songwriter’s Association while there.

During College in 2004, I began my piano teaching career at Carolyn’s Keyboard Corner in Little Rock. So this is my 13th year teaching piano lessons.

In 2005, my professional performance career began at Willy D’s Dueling Piano Bar in the River Market. That enabled me to travel the United States performing in all types of venues from small bars to larger venues.  I still travel to perform and book out months in advance.

I began an online piano program through YouTube in 2013 and have amassed over 600 subscribers to my piano lesson tutorials, and recently launched one geared specifically for kids.

I am a mom of 6 children between the ages of 18 and 8, but I often tell people that I have closer to 45 kids, because I love all of my students like they’re my own.

Approach to Learning to Play

I am not a traditional teacher. I believe that student’s should not only receive a classical training, but also a practical one. You see, each student should be able to read a piece of music and play by ear.

So my approach to the piano is “You didn’t learn how to read before you learned how to talk”, so the first few lessons are spent learning to play and understand the piano and music before I place a book in front of the student.

My reason for this is that when I started playing professionally, and making good money, I was lost. I couldn’t play by ear. I only had a classical training that didn’t stress ear training. I could only play what was in front of me.

But through hard work, I trained my ears to hear music, and I believe that everyone else can do the same. You just have to open it up.

My students all learn the classical training, but they are also equipped to play Taylor Swift or whomever is popular without the sheet music.  You listen and learn.

I’ve come across a few piano players in my career that were jealous that I could read music, and they could only play by ear.

So I want to make sure all of my student’s are prepared to do both.

Lesson Information:

I only accept 30 private students per year with my returning students getting first pick on lesson times. If you’re interested in being considered for lessons, you can Apply Here