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How to Pick a Beginner Piano or Keyboard

How to Pick a Beginner Piano or Keyboard

So you are interested in starting piano lessons or piano lessons have already been started, and you need help getting a keyboard.

Congrats on starting you or your child’s music education! Having a piano or keyboard at home is important in getting the best out of your lessons.

What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard?

There isn’t really much difference between an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard.

With an acoustic two types of styles. You will have an upright that stands up against the wall, or a grand that is a full size piano. They will also have 88 keys on the piano.

With a keyboard, you can pick several different options. You can choose 60, 76, or 88 keys. You have the ability to use headphones, and most of them come with different sounds like strings or harpsichord.

Which is least expensive?

An acoustic piano will range anywhere from $500 and up.  A keyboard can start out as little as $100.

Which one is better?

The answer depends on your needs and budget. I grew up with a grand piano in the home, and it’s the same one that my students play on in the studio.

But, I understand that not every family has the space or the budget to buy a grand piano. If you have the space and the budget to buy an acoustic piano, I will always vote acoustic.

However, keyboards take up less space, and as a mom myself, having my child plug in headphones while practicing would be nice! They also are portable. You won’t be toting around an acoustic piano.

Where do I find a piano?

If you are local in the Little Rock area, I highly recommend going to visit Steve at International Piano Gallery. He will set you up with an acoustic piano, deliver it for you, and tune it so you’re all set to play!

Where do I find a keyboard?

You can shop in town at Guitar Center or Saied Music Company. Or you can go online. You want to make sure that the purchase also includes a bench, and the adapter kit for the keyboard you choose.


When buying a piano or a keyboard, first establish a budget and space that you have for the instrument. A beginner can get started on a budget friendly keyboard and you can always upgrade later.

If you’re interested in free online piano lessons for kids to get started check out Learn To Play Piano Kids Here