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Starting Children In Guitar Lessons

Starting children in guitar lessons is something that we get a lot here at the studio.

In today’s pop culture, lots of children are seeing their favorite pop stars playing the guitar. Before you start your child in guitar lessons, here a few things you need to know.

Children learn differently than adults

Finding the right teacher for your child will be the first step in ensuring the success at learning to play guitar. Find one that has experience with children, and that your child enjoys taking lessons from. The student/teacher relationship is an important one, and if your child has a hard time understanding the teaching methods of their guitar teacher, or the personalities don’t match, then the student will less likely enjoy lessons.

Mr. Adams, the guitar teacher associated with us, has a Masters Degree in Education, and has been teaching in the public school system for many years.

Children need positive reinforcement, and achievement recognition

Taking guitar lessons should be an engaging way for your child to get positive reinforcement when they’ve got in some good practice before their lesson.  Find a teacher that recognizes that, and your child will be more excited to practice.

Children need guitars that will be best suited for them

Just like not all guitar teachers are the same, the instruments themselves aren’t either.  If you have an old guitar stuffed away in the closet, it might be too big for your child to comfortably play, so check with your teacher on the best options for guitars for children. Dogtown Sound is a great instrument store in North Little Rock to get a start on shopping local. Don’t always trust what you find online. Guitars need special setting up for making playing easier.

Now that you know just few things you need for your child to get started in guitar lessons, we’d like to invite you to reach out to Mr. Adams, and learn more about getting your child started! He can be contacted directly at (501)416-3594


Park Hill Piano Studio Accepting Applications for Guitar Students 2016-2017

Park Hill Piano Studio located at 3720 JFK Blvd in North Little Rock, Arkansas is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year for new students interested in guitar lessons.

We have quite a standard for the type of students we are looking for. There is a lot of work on the teacher’s part in setting a student up for success in guitar lessons. So, we are looking for students that are absolutely serious about learning to play, committing to practice, and achieving their goals in guitar study.

If you would like for yourself or your child to be considered for interview, please apply by clicking here

The Real Reason For Practicing

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I am going to talk to you about the real reason

you want your child or yourself to practice.

See, most people think that practicing is just so you can become a better piano player, guitar player, or singer.

Yes, I agree that practicing will make all of these things better, but did you know that just the simple act of your practice sessions will spill over into other areas of your life?

….with each practice session, you are developing your self-regulatory strength.

What does this mean?

It means that you are making your willpower “muscle” stronger.  It means that you are developing self discipline that will carry over into other things that you want to accomplish.

…So it isn’t just about becoming a better musician. It’s about becoming the best you!

If you are looking for the best singing lessons, a piano teacher in Little Rock, or just music lessons in general.

Contact me today! And let’s get started becoming a better you, or training your child to become the best they can be!

Where to Take Guitar Lessons in Little Rock

Guitar Lessons in Little RockPark Hill Performing Arts Academy is located at 3720 JFK Blvd in North Little Rock. They offer guitar lessons to beginners through advanced students beginning at age 5. They have several options for rates and classes.

guitar lessons little rockGroup lessons for ages 5 to 12 are recommended for beginners, and they are offered weekly for only $47.00 per month. However, if your child has special needs or already some guitar training you may prefer a private lesson. Those rates are as follows:

  • 30 minutes each week for $67.00 per month
  • 45 minutes each week for $87.00 per month
  • 60 minutes each week for $107.00 per month

With the many tuition options, you are sure to find a class that will fit your budget!

Guitar Lessons at Park Hill Performing Arts Academy teach you to read music, tab, and give you a solid foundation to play.  We teach any style you would like to learn: Pop, Worship, Jazz, Classical, Blues…

Give us a call today @ 501-747-1870 or send us a message through facebook by clicking here!

Thursday Tunes-Uptown Funk!

Thursday’s Tune Review is Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and the awesome tune Uptown Funk! My 6 year daughter and I have been jamming this song since it was released! Bruno Mars is a huge star on the music scene right now, and came through Little Rock not long ago.

This song reminds of the 70’s when funk was prominent, and bands like Sly and the Family Stone were popular. Some of you may remember hearing those bands live or in the club!

You can hear disco and funk elements with the amazing horn parts and bass line in this tune, and maybe you also a jamming it in the car with the windows rolled down…even though it is January in Arkansas!

Some of the fun of teaching music classes to toddlers and young children between the ages of 2 and 5 is that they love to dance! And one of the best ways to get your child introduced to that is letting them dance and make noise!

This would be a great fun tune to play for them and play stop and start! Or musical chairs, or just let them show you their moves. Part of learning to play an instrument like piano or guitar when your child is old enough is teaching them how to listen to music, and movement is one of the best ways to do so!

If you’re looking for a place for your 2 to 5 year old to begin music lessons in Central Arkansas, give Park Hill Performing Arts Academy a call today at 501-747-1870 or send us a message through facebook


Park Hill Performing Arts Academy Opens January 18, 2015

In 2012, I moved to Historic Park Hill in North Little Rock, and set up shop in my house to start over building a clientele of students on this side of the river. I had been teaching 7 years already, and was accustomed to teaching about 45 kids and adults per week.

When we made the decision to move to North Little Rock, not many decided to come across the river, so there I was building up a business again, and I named it Park Hill Piano Studio. The studio operated successfully, and within a few years, I had built my business back up.

I remember the day that I was sitting at my piano, and thought…”either take a leap and go to a commercial location, or stay here where you can’t take any more students”. So, I gathered up my purse, and got in the car.  I drove down W H. Ave, and stopped at the light, and lo and behold…right across the street staring back at me was a “For Lease” sign.

Park Hill Performing Arts Academy

I don’t believe too much in coincidence. I think everything is setting up and presenting itself at the right time. So I took the number down, and a few weeks later I was painting the walls of my new place!

Park Hill Performing Arts Academy

I can’t tell you how excited I am to serve the North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, and Cabot areas with piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and acting classes. I even have enough space to bring back the toddler music classes and rockin’ music birthday parties!

The Open House is set for Sunday, January 18th from 2 to 4 pm. Come by and take a look, and register to win 3 months of lessons of your choice!

Can’t wait to meet all of you!

~Ms. Lena