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Starting Children In Guitar Lessons

Starting children in guitar lessons is something that we get a lot here at the studio.

In today’s pop culture, lots of children are seeing their favorite pop stars playing the guitar. Before you start your child in guitar lessons, here a few things you need to know.

Children learn differently than adults

Finding the right teacher for your child will be the first step in ensuring the success at learning to play guitar. Find one that has experience with children, and that your child enjoys taking lessons from. The student/teacher relationship is an important one, and if your child has a hard time understanding the teaching methods of their guitar teacher, or the personalities don’t match, then the student will less likely enjoy lessons.

Mr. Adams, the guitar teacher associated with us, has a Masters Degree in Education, and has been teaching in the public school system for many years.

Children need positive reinforcement, and achievement recognition

Taking guitar lessons should be an engaging way for your child to get positive reinforcement when they’ve got in some good practice before their lesson.  Find a teacher that recognizes that, and your child will be more excited to practice.

Children need guitars that will be best suited for them

Just like not all guitar teachers are the same, the instruments themselves aren’t either.  If you have an old guitar stuffed away in the closet, it might be too big for your child to comfortably play, so check with your teacher on the best options for guitars for children. Dogtown Sound is a great instrument store in North Little Rock to get a start on shopping local. Don’t always trust what you find online. Guitars need special setting up for making playing easier.

Now that you know just few things you need for your child to get started in guitar lessons, we’d like to invite you to reach out to Mr. Adams, and learn more about getting your child started! He can be contacted directly at (501)416-3594


Things for Kids to Do In Little Rock-Kids Karaoke Night


Things for Kids to do In Little Rock

Kids Karaoke Nights!

Park Hill Performing Arts Academy located at 3720 JFK Blvd hosts a Kids Karaoke Night if you are looking for things kids to do in Little Rock!

The first Saturday of every month, you can bring your child age 5 to 12 from 6 to 8 pm to enjoy a night out for yourself, and let the kids have some fun!

The event will last 2 hours and is the perfect opportunity for you to get some you-time, shopping time, have a date night, or just relax!

Register today by clicking here now!

Piano Lessons for Kids in Little Rock

piano lessons for kids in little rockPiano Lessons for Kids in Little Rock

I heard this today. A new student came in who was 4 years old, and her mother told me that it was hard to find someone to take a child for piano lessons in the Little Rock area!

This was not news to me. I’ve been teaching for 11 years now, and a lot of teachers in this area won’t take young children. There are a few reasons for this, but I have the solution to that!

A child needs to be able and to know the following things before starting piano lessons in a formal setting

They need to know:

  • how to say the 1st 7 letters of the alphabet forwards and backwards
  • they need the attention span to sit for at least 30 minutes
  • they need to know basic math skills
  • the need hand coordination, or hands big enough to reach at least 5 keys simultaneously
  • they need lots of parental assistance at home to be a success

Now if you’re saying that your young child can’t do all of these things yet. Don’t fret! The solution for taking piano lessons in Little Rock is to start them at Park Hill Performing Arts Academy in the Rockstars Class!

…The Rockstars Class is designed for ages 3 to 5.

In this class, your child will learn:

  • the basics of reading music
  • the rhythm they need to be a success
  • important listening skills
  • music theory definitions
  • beginning piano skills

This class focuses on movement, and games to help your child get the best foundation for when they are able to focus long enough for a formal lesson. It is important to go ahead and get them started! They will be ahead once they do take a formal lesson!

…How do you join?

  • The classes are $47.00 per month for a 1 hour class
  • Classes are given on different days

What you need to do now is call 501-747-1870 or connect with the Academy by clicking here now

Look forward to seeing you in class!

~ Ms. Lena