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Free Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids!

It is finally here! Park Hill Piano Studio is adding it’s online piano lesson program for kids at the online site called Learn To Play Piano Kids

In this new program is free piano lessons to that will take the student age 4 through 12 through an entire years worth of lessons for free.

You might as why I did this. Here’s why:

  • Kids change their minds. How many other parents out there have soccer shoes or a trumpet stuffed in the back of their closet because their child just desperately wanted to play that sport or that instrument?
  • It helps your budget. The investment that the student, parent and teacher make into private lessons is time consuming and costs close to $1500 per year. Find out if they are really interested in private lessons by trying the free lessons first.
  • It saves time. If you have more than one child, sometimes you might feel like a glorified taxi driver. You are constantly driving one to this practice and the other to this event.  Learning to play online from your own home allows the student to log in and learn when they want.

Make sure you subscribe to the online lesson program at here

Happy Holidays From Park Hill Piano Studio

Happy Holidays from Park Hill Piano Studio!

This past year was quite an eventful one. We changed locations, and downsized the studio back to it’s origins. Doing so put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Originally, when I opened the studio in 2012, I outgrew my tiny location. So I thought that moving to a commercial location was the best bet, And I had it there for over 2 years.

There were lots of ups and downs, but most of all I felt that the studio had turned into more of a profit focus and not a customer focus. And I didn’t like that at all.

Here at Park Hill Piano Studio, it is important to me that each student gets the time they deserve, that prices don’t hurt parent’s pocketbooks, and that the student’s in Little Rock are getting the best private piano and voice lesson education they can get.

The studio got too big for me, and I decided to step back to my origins.

The kids are enjoying fresh cookies this month, and I’ve got lots of things lined up for the New Year as far as games and achievement programs.

It’s going to be exciting! If you’re interested in lessons, please take moment to fill out the info kit form on the front page at http://www.parkhillpianostudio.com

Looking forward to a great New Year in 2017!