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The Real Reason For Practicing

In today’s Monday Music Minute, I am going to talk to you about the real reason

you want your child or yourself to practice.

See, most people think that practicing is just so you can become a better piano player, guitar player, or singer.

Yes, I agree that practicing will make all of these things better, but did you know that just the simple act of your practice sessions will spill over into other areas of your life?

….with each practice session, you are developing your self-regulatory strength.

What does this mean?

It means that you are making your willpower “muscle” stronger.  It means that you are developing self discipline that will carry over into other things that you want to accomplish.

…So it isn’t just about becoming a better musician. It’s about becoming the best you!

If you are looking for the best singing lessons, a piano teacher in Little Rock, or just music lessons in general.

Contact me today! And let’s get started becoming a better you, or training your child to become the best they can be!

The Top 5 Things Every Kid Needs for Private Music Lesson Success

guitar lessons little rockYou’ve registered your child for piano, voice, or guitar lessons! They are excited, but now what? Here are the 5 steps that will help your child get the most out of their lessons, and give the greater chances of success!

The Top 5

  1. Help them develop a practice habit! This is super easy to do in actuality. At the Academy we work on a points system.  And, we help you get your child to practice without the fuss by using a simple technique that gets them to sit down with their instrument in 10 minute sessions! Then, when they earn their points through practice time, they can spend their points in the Music Money Store!
  2. Let them play! I’ve often had parents complain that sometimes their child doesn’t want to practice their assignment. The child just wants to play the instrument and make noise! Well…grab your headphones, because that it totally ok! When you combine point number 1, and let them have some exploration time, they will soon have developed a habit of playing. That is exactly what we want them to do!
  3. Tip them! What does this mean? It means giving them a little tip jar that you drop change into when you see them practicing. Or maybe offer to take them to ice cream, or play video games. Just give them an incentive.
  4. Give them at least 90 days to try it! To have the greatest success in learning anything, it takes habits and consistent action.  It won’t be fair to make a decision on your child’s success before 90 days. You will have to be patient before you hear “Sweet Home Alabama” or Beethoven coming from their instrument!
  5. Encourage them. I want you to make sure that you tell your child that it is ok to make mistakes and sound terrible at first! Everyone does! Trust me! Most of them don’t understand that making mistakes is part of learning. You can’t have success without making them. That’s a life rule! So go ahead and encourage them by letting them know they are getting better, or they played that song well!

If you’re looking for a great place to get your child started with guitar, voice, or piano lessons in the Central Arkansas area, then give Park Hill Performing Arts Academy a call right now! 501-747-1870 or connect with us on facebook